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stage performers
Stage performers
176. October 2018
Minding Madness - Improvising Change
The play 'Minding Madness' co-created by Joy Roberts, Andrew Vial and others, had its gala performance at the Giant Dwarf theatre in Sydney.
Andrew and Keith
Andrew and Keith
175. October 2018
'Old Men Don't Cry'
In this comedy film by Xanda Cohen, Keith Strib and Andrew Vial play Vietnam war veterans and best mates lamenting their last years of life.
Andrew as DJ
Andrew as DJ
174. October 2018
Reaper Duty Film
Andrew Vial acted the part of a Nightclub DJ in 'Reaper Duty' a comedy by Johan Mackejard Hansson which continues the mythology of the 'Grim Reaper' TV Commercials.
threatre crowd
Threatre Crowd
173. October 2018
Crash Test Performance
Andrew Vial featured in a live show at Darlo Drama Theatre, Sydney as part of the lead-up to 'Short And Sweet 2018'.
172. October 2018
Channel Nine TV Commercial
Andrew and Michelle acted as grandfather and grandmother in a television production for 'ZigZag TV'.
171. September 2018
Box Lunch Documentary
A documentary production by User Magazine of actor and film director Andrew Vial commenced shooting. This is an ongoing TV project, directed and presented by Elizabeta Moxey.
It shows Andrew autitioning for films, performing, and talking about his fifty year career in movies.
Andrew as drug dealer
170. September 2018
Kino Mini-Kab Film Making
Several short films were produced and directed by participants at the Kino Mini-Kab in Sydney. Andrew Vial acted character roles as an auditionee, medical patient and drug dealer.
andrew in tv pilot
Andrew in TV Pilot
169. September 2018
TV Live Studio Shoots
Andew Vial participated in two live studio game shows for opposing production companies - Disney and Network Ten, during TV pilot season try-outs.
two andrews
Two Andrews
168. July 2018
Split Screen Perfection
Andrew Vial wrote and acted both characters in a realisation of 'Who's The Keeper', a conversation between two cricket fans who agree to disagree.
The comedy skit was directed by Forest Lin.
Andrew as accountant
Andrew as Accountant
167. July 2018
Workplace Bullying
A video highlighting the practice of bullying within an office environment was made with Andrew Vial playing an older worker who is intimidated for being slow, by younger IT trained staff members.
luke agius
Director Luke Agius
166. July 2018
Feature Film 'The Ferryman'
The part of a distraught father searching for a missing daughter was played by Andrew Vial in the feature film 'The Ferryman' by Luke Agius..
first audition
first audition
165. July 2018
Hip Hop TV
Agents for Korean Television stations shot a sequence of comedy Hip Hop dancing by Andrew Vial for an LG TVC.
gothic rocker
Andrew as a gothic rocker
164. July 2018
Gothic Short
Andrew Vial acted in a film school production 'Greenery Interlude' playing a gothic rock inhabitant of a Kings Cross bar in Sydney.
andrew as fogged patient
Andrew as 'fogged' patient
163. July 2018
Polypharmacy Education
A corporate video production highlighting the dangers of polypharmacy (ie: being prescribed too many drugs) was made featuring Andrew Vial as a patient who had been overdosed with prescription drugs by medical staff..
mystery masked
Andrew as mystery masked
162. July 2018
Andrew Vial played a part in an experimental film by Forest Lin.
A loaded gun is introduced at a party and the question is, which guest will be shot?
andrew as townshend
Andrew as Townshend
161. June 2018
Three Faces of Blue
Andrew Vial played Irving Townshend, record producer for jazz great, Miles Davis in an re-enactment of a US recording session from 1959 of 'So What' track one.
still from concert
Still from concert
160. June 2018
Rock Music History
Andrew Vial's epic 'Blacktown Concert' film, shot circa 1980 was shortened and exhibited at Sun Studios. Andrew answered questions on the musicians and the early video technology used.
film legends elfick molloy and brennan
Film legends Elfick, Molloy and Brennan
159. May 2018
Film Pioneers - 85 Years
Australian cinema pioneer Andrew Vial was with peers at the presentation of the Cinema Pioneer Of The Year Award to Tom Jeffrey.
jacynda with andrew
Jacynda with Andrew
158. May 2018
'Piece Of Cake'
Andrew Vial renewed collaboration with writer/director Forest Lyn and acted in the AFTRS film 'Piece Of Cake'.
A short film about a con-woman who manages to avoid suspicion while breaking and entering into apartments.
157. May 2018
Minding Madness
Andrew Vial donated his time over an entire weekend by doing an actor workshop on mental illness. The aim was to develop this into a professional theatrical performance.
crew setup
Crew setup
156. May 2018
Exposing Sexism
Set in a nightclub Jennifer Karlsson's film 'Re-trace' uses actors including Andrew Vial to highlight sexist behaviour.
proposal scene
Proposal scene
155. May 2018
Don't Panic ... film
Andrew Vial acted the role of Adam, a succsseful suitor in the film 'Don't Panic Mr. Panic', directed by Jihyun Joung, with the Mr. Panic role played by Guillermo Serrano.
practice air guitar
Andrew practices his Air Guitar style
154. April 2018
Air Guitar Comp Film
Actress Tricia Youlden played the long suffering wife of 'Joe' (Andrew Vial) in 'Fret Not' a film about misplaced virtuosity, late onset dementia, and Air Guitar competitions.
gulpilil wallaby dance
Gulpilil Wallaby Dance
153. April 2018
Early Gulpilil Film by Vial
The historic and famous film about the destruction of Tasmanian Aboriginies in 19th century 'No Bag Limit' starring David Gulpilil, produced by Andrew Vial was re-released at a special Sun Studios screening in Sydney..
andrew as the tramp
Andrew as the 'tramp'
152. April 2018
Havas Everyday Web Series
Director Daniel Havas requested Andrew Vial to create the role of 'the tramp', being a mentally ill drag queen, for his series episodes of 'Drag Race Havas Everyday'.
mousoulis and vial
Mousoulis and Vial
151. March 2018
Melbourne Independant Filmmakers
Originally a Melbourne based filmmaker, Andrew Vial was invited to attend the celebration for film legends, Nigel Buesst and Ivan Gaal, organised by Bill Mousoulis.
poker face
Poker Face
150. March 2018
Acting Gangster Boss
Andrew Vial played the 'Godfather' lead role in Polish Director Jacek Lukasziewicz's EPILOGUE - a dramatic feature film set in an unspecified place and time.
Andrew and Zarina
Andrew and Zarina
149. February 2018
Beijing Conference
As a representative of Australia, Andrew attended the, 'Film Producers Of Asia Co-production Forum', in Beijing.
He pitched three feature film co-productions betweeen China/Australia and other countries.
cast and crew
Andrew as 'Ronald' with Crew

148. February 2018
'Now With Cheese'
Andrew Vial played the lead role in a dramatic film about the ailing world famous clown, Ronald Mcdonald.
NIDA tutor amanda stephens-lee
Audience at Sun Studios
147. January 2018
Historic Australian Film
'Sydney's Asian Film Festival', directed and shot in 1983 by Andrew Vial with such luminaries as Sir Run Run Shaw, was re-released for exhibition at Sun Studios.
short and sweet logo
146. January 2018
Short and Sweet Auditions
Andrew Vial was booked to play the lead role in 'Grow Up' a new play being show-cased in the 'Short and Sweet' theatre season, in Sydney.
NIDA tutor amanda stephens-lee
NIDA tutor Amanda Stephens-Lee
145. January 2018
NIDA American Accents
Andrew Vial attended an intensive workshop at the National Institute of Dramatic Art focussing on American accents.
The workshop concluded with a stage performance instigated by NIDA's accent tutor, Amanda Stephens-Lee.
andrew as pilot
Andrew as pilot
144. December 2017
Acting Jet Pilot
'Sky Rage' a comedy film by Olivier Bonenfant used Andrew Vial as a Commercial pilot who encounters road rage from other pilots after his aircraft stops mid-air, while on approach.
judith and andrew
Judith and Andrew
143. December 2017
Clipsal Commercial
Actors Andrew Vial and Judith Daley played grandfather and grandmother in an online Christmas commercial for an electrical company.
production meeting
Production Meeting
142. December 2017
Kino 48 Hour Challenge
A group of actors and technicians collaborated with Andrew Vial at Sydney's Sun Studios to create several short films, in an intense 48 hour shoot.
crew setup
Crew Setup
141. December 2017
Man to Man
An independently made film about the way males relate to each other, featured Andrew Vial.
It was shot at the historic Botany View Hotel.
two shot
Two Shot
140. December 2017
Scene In Sydney
Andrew Vial and June Caroline-Holmes interpreted an acting duolog 'Babel' at Scene In Sydney. Two different versions were recorded and published for comparison.
danny gardener with guest
Danny Gardener with guest
139. November 2017
Poetry Performance
Andrew Vial performed poems he had written, and entertained guests at the end of year 'Live Poets' event at the Don Bank Cottage, Sydney.
historic projection
Historic Projection
138. November 2017
Pioneers Of Australian Cinema
Film-makers came together reliving past glories at the Sydney Swissotel for the annual general meeting and dinner of the Australian Cinema Pioneers Association.
actors between takes
Actors Between Takes
137. November 2017
You're The One
An absurdist scene from Ariyah's 'YTO' music video was shot at Maraylya with Andrew Vial as a featured wedding reception guest.
crash test stage
Crash Test Stage
136. November 2017
Crash Test Drama
The play 'Peace Banners Over The Earth' by M Bookluck was successfully 'crash tested' as a 'moved reading' to a paying audience with Andrew Vial as performer.
fight over rose
Fight Over Rose
135. November 2017
Tropfest Film Acting
As a film entry for the world's largest short film festival - Tropfest - Andrew played the role of an agressive spanish tourist, who knocks out a man played by Jordon Schutts, in a Florist shop.
krill tvc
Krill Oil TVC
134. October 2017
Krill Oil 100% TVC
Andrew Vial plays the role of a septuagenarian, and speed skater in a sixty second television commercial promoting Krill Oil.
ferros promo
Feros Promotion
133. October 2017
Feros 'Hero' Promotion
To promote a healthy aged care culture Feros Care Australia staged a multi-media presentation at a Sydney art gallery featuring Andrew Vial as a new Feros 'Hero'.
film crew
Aged Gym Junky
132. October 2017
The Real Bloggers
Vita Carbone's very popular web series, used Andrew as an aged Gym-goer, being trained by the twenty three year old male 'Todd Stronghorn' actually played by Vita herself. This was the fourth episode in the comedy series.
film crew
Film Crew
131. October 2017
16mm Film Acting
Andrew Vial played a seriously demented nursing home resident in a 16mm film, 'The Painting In The Spyglass', alongside Sebastien Thornton-Walker, who played an aspergers syndrome boy.
charlotte and cast
Charlotte and cast
130. September 2017
'The Paradox Theory'
Writer/Director Charlotte Tai shot 'The Paradox Theory' a fiction film about teenage suicide with Andrew Vial involved as both actor and crew member.
making documentary
Making Documentary
129. September 2017
Informative Documentary
Acting a 15th century alchemist in a historical documentary for schools, required Andrew Vial to be green-screened for image manipulation.
andrew as teacher
Sebastian Danta adjusts plate
128. September 2017
Inevitability Of Death
Andrew Vial plays a man dying at the dinner table in Sebastian Danta's film 'Memento Mori' but the focus is on insects that relish the death.
andrew as teacher
Andrew as Teacher
127. August 2017
Feature Role
Andrew Vial acted the role of a religious instructor in the film 'Dissociation' directed by Mackenzie Robb.
This film was professionally shot at an elite Sydney girls school, Bridgedine College.
dont come back music clip
Scene from Music Clip
126. August 2017
'Don't Come Back'
The Ariyah music video 'Don't Come Back' with Andrew Vial as the 'card player' was released to much anticipation, for international success.
Stills from 'Skate'
125. August 2017
'SKATE' Re-release
The film 'SKATE' produced and directed in 1980 was restored and re-released.
It features world champion ice skaters and was shot with an anamorphic lens specially designed and built by Andrew Vial.
andrew as ailing musician
124. July 2017
'Purgatory' Starring Role
A post war Sci-Fi film written and directed by Forest Lin was produced in Sydney with Andrew Vial starring as the dominant father of a psychically gifted teenage boy.
andrew as ailing musician
123. July 2017
My Part In Saving 300 Lives
Andrew Vial related an incident in which he was involed in, on September 11th 2001 while aboard the last British Airways plane over the North Atlantic.
A documentary team from AFTRS recorded the true story as material for an international production.
andrew as ailing musician
122. July 2017
Premiere of 'Ocean Blue'
Ocean Blue, the film about an ailing musician featuring Andrew Vial, won best music, best editor, best director and audience award at its premiere at Sydney Film School Film Festival.
Q&A at screening
Q & A at Screening
121. June 2017
Chair of Film Jury
Andrew Vial was chairperson of the film jury at Kerala International Documentary and Short Film Festival, in Trivaldrum, India.
Vial also showed five of his films and gave a Documentary Masterclass.
game show
120. June 2017
Television Game Show
Andrew Vial played the role of a contestant in a new family TV show for the ABC.
A decision to broadcast the pilot has not yet been taken.
andrew in costume
andrew in costume
119. May 2017
Masked Video Performance
The heritage listed Elizabeth Bay House was used for filming a scene for a music video. Andrew performed as a 17th Century aristocratic courtier.
virtual reality
118. May 2017
Corporate Virtual Reality
Virtual reality techniques were used to transform a Sydney studio into a railway station. Andrew Vial acted in a drama taking place on the platform.
to the ice-rink
to the icerink
117. May 2017
Speed Skater
Being a former NSW veteran speed skate champion, Andrew was used to promote healthy lifestyles in a TVC.
Shot at Canterbury Ice Rink, it shows Andrew skating alongside a current Australian Olympian.
andrew on set
andrew on set
116. May 2017
'Ocean Blue'
Johan Freden - Director, and Lorenzo Monti - Producer, completed post-production on the movie 'Ocean Blue', featuring Andrew Vial as an old musician and Shalane Connors as his carer.
sydney delegate
115. May 2017
China's Silk Road
On behalf of Australian media organisations, Andrew Vial signed a Documnent of Interest in the Silk Road Project, a major focus for the Chinese government, requiring colossal expenditure.
andrew as 'dave'
andrew as 'dave'
114. April 2017
'Pinhead' Series Aired
The episodic web series produced by Grouch Productions, Sydney, featured Andrew Vial as 'Dave' who appeared for the first time in episode number two.
cast and crew
cast and crew
113. April 2017
Mistaken Encounter
Andrew Vial featured in a film about a mistaken identity which was set entirely around a convertable Porsche Boxster.
The film also feautured Angela Toomey.
benavides with kids
benavides with kids
112. March 2017
Acting - Auditions
Andrew Vial was engaged at the Academy of Film, Theatre and TV, to act in the films, 'Candlelight' and 'After the Rain ...' directed by Daniela Benavides and Wei Ting Liu respectively.
just deserts
just deserts
111. March 2017
Lonely Fighter
Andrew Vial was both Actor and Assistant Director on the independently made, short comedy 'Lonely Fighter', about a punch-drunk public nuisance.
melanie and emilia at auditions
melanie and emilia at auditions
110. March 2017
Zombie Horror
Andrew Vial was engaged to advise on the production and casting of a Sci Fi action film about a Zombie Apocalypse.
Q & A
109. February 2017
NIDA Renewal
Due to the film industry traditional holiday period, Andrew Vial returned to NIDA for a screen acting refresher course.
He also exhibited his films at workshops and screening houses.

Andrew in studio
Andrew in studio
108. February 2017
Sydney Radio Playhouse
Triple H Station Sydney presented two radio dramas featuring actor Andrew Vial. In the first of the Foodaroo series, Vial played an amorous Polish nursing home patient.
indian film awards judging
Judging Session
107. January 2017
Judging Indian Film Awards
At Manipial University, Jaipur, India Andrew Vial presented JIFF 2017 Awards to international film-makers.
At MOU signing
At MOU signing
106. December 2016
Silk Road Co-Production
Andrew Vial in Hangzhou, China for the Federation of Flim Producers of Asia implemented a Memorandum Of Understanding with Asian countries, for a TV Series about the Silk Road.
Course Tutor Monica Davidson
Course Tutor Monica Davidson
105. December 2016
Business Arts Graduation
Andrew Vial graduated in five business arts subjects, at NSW Ultimo College. The subjects covered new platforms and emerging art technologies.
Scene from Avalanche
Scene from Avalanche
104. December 2016
Avalanche Screening
The forty five year old 'cult classic' child-birth film 'Avalanche' directed and produced by Vial, screened to a full house in Sydney.
Andrew with HRH Princess Soma
Andrew with HRH Princess Soma
103. December 2016
Cambodian Visit
Quick visit by Andrew Vial to Phnom Penh - member city of the Federation of Producers of Asia, followed by a meeting with HRH Princesss Soma, of Cambodia.
Australian Cinema Pioneers Michael Paton and Bill Young
Australian Cinema Pioneers Michael Caton and Bill Young
102. November 2016
Australian Cinema Pioneers
Being an Australian Cinema Pioneer himself, Andrew was invited to photograph past and present Cinema legends, at the annual Christmas event in Sydney.
On the set of West Inn
On the set of 'West Inn'
101. November 2016
'West INN' Feature
Film School major project 'WEST INN', produced by Lorenzo Monti and directed by Daniel Havas, was shot in Sydney with actor Andrew Vial playing the riole of an itinerant motel character.
Andrew on set
Andrew on set of The Batchelorette
100. October 2016
Reality TV
Andrew Vial featured in a popular television series 'The Batchelorette' representing Clancy, a suitor for Georgia Love.
Andrew Vial as 'Clyde'
99. October 2016
A film directed, produced, and edited by Charlotte Tai, on the subject of sexual diversity featured actor, Andrew Vial in the role of 'Clyde' - a gay painter.
Official Meeting
98. September 2016
Australian Films Promoted
Ambassadors from regional countries were invited to Xi'An, China, for the Silk Road International Film Festival 2016.
Andrew Vial represented Australia.
Hospital ward
Hospital Ward
97. September 2016
Hospital Stunt Acting
Andrew Vial played a brain damaged hospital patient who repeatedly falls out of bed. The corporate film was produced to promote Hospital safety standards.

Series Title
96. September 2016
Andrew Vial plays 'Dave' in the ten episode web-series 'Pinhead', created by Kathryn Thomas..

Backyard Set
95. August 2016
'Sunrise Banshees'
The Producer/Director David O'Brien chose Andrew Vial to be the star of the one man film 'Sunshine Banshees', about a man with problems in personal communications.

Georgia Love
94. August 2016
The Australian version of the US hit reality show 'Bachelorette', stars Georgia Love. Andrew Vial was involved in the TV pre-publicity.

Dank Pub scene
93. August 2016
'Their Victims' Co-Star
Andrew co-starred with Craig Walker in the dramatic film 'Their Victims', shot mostly in Sydney's historic Sweeneys Hotel.

Jonathan Kelt
92. July 2016
Video of Film Production
During filming of 'Hidden Treasure' by Jonathan Kelt, Andrew Vial shot a 'behind the scenes' look at its production.

Andrew as Sharebroker
91. June 2016
TCN 9 Television Shoot
In a program on Australia's ageing workforce, Andrew appeared in a cameo, as a Sharebroker.

Andrew dancing with a mop
90. May 2016
Starring Role
Andrew Vial played the star role of a man locked in a menial world, in the new AFTRS film 'LEVEL SEVEN', directed by Jordan Mansfield.

Contestant Poets
89. May 2016
Poetry Performance
Andrew won the 2016 Monologue Challenge at Sydney Live Poets, with an impromptu performance from 'The Pitchfork Disney' by Phillip Ridley.

Andrew playing 'Mick'
88. May 2016
New Comedy
A new film 'F***FIGHT' being produced and directed by Andrew Vial utilised "The Greens" for one scene, with the actors Peter Whitehead and Debra Wallace.

Kino Q&A
87. March 2016
Festival Exhibitions
The films, 'Banana Boat' and 'Island Cross' by Andrew Vial were exhibited at Kino Festival, Sydney. Andrew gave a Q&A with the capacity audience.

Andrew at Bako, Sarawak
86. March 2016
KL Trip for FPA
Andrew Vial - Australian Head Delegate for the Film Producers Association of Asia, attended a board meeting in Malaysia and visited a Sarawak jungle location in Borneo..

local cast member
85. February 2016
Film Premiere
'Life Class' Directed by Tom Cowan had its initial screening in Merimbula, NSW. Actor, Andrew Vial documented the event on video..
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